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The Kentucky Career Development Association (KCDA) strives to offer its membership the highest quality professional training, resources and networking opportunities.  Some of the many valuable benefits of a KCDA membership include:

  • Resources: As a member, you will have access to our resource page, which is full of career development resources culled by the many professionals in the organization.

  • Networking: KCDA offers many networking opportunities with a diverse group of career development professionals, including drive-ins, conferences, networking lunches, and more!

  • Mentoring: Are you new to the field and want to learn more from a seasoned professional?  Are you a seasoned professional looking to share your years of experience with a new professional?  Our new mentoring program is for you!

  • Exposure to Career Development Professionals: KCDA welcomes all career development professionals to join, including college career counselors (both 4-year and community college), HR career counselors, guidance counselors and private practitioners.  This allows the membership to learn about new ideas in diverse settings!

  • Job Resources Page: KCDA offers a job resources page for professionals looking for new opportunities!

  • Discounts to KCDA-sponsored events.

  • Leadership Development: Opportunities to build leadership skills by participation on the KCDA executive board.

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